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The Efabless Design Platform offers a complete ASIC development solution for design partners that streamlines the time and cost associated with creating custom silicon solutions for the market. The platform includes a complete EDA design flow based on open-source tools, access to foundry process technologies and IP as well as prototyping and production fabrication services.
Our platform includes:
  • a complete EDA design flow
  • access to foundry partners and design professionals
  • prototyping and fabrication services


  • Complete EDA tool chain
  • Foundry processes and PDK
  • Prototyping services
  • Packaging options
  • Marketplace library of IP and reference designs
  • Instant access with no NDA required
  • There is no up-front cost to design on the platform. Fees are only paid at the time you go to prototype.
  • Completed designs can be published to the Efabless marketplace and licensed to other customers or design firms.
  • Additionally, you may choose to export the design from the platform for an additional one-time fee.
The Design Platform provides tools, infrastructure, processes and partnerships required for a complete design and development of custom ASICs or IP.
A complete design flow is provided on the platform based on open-source tools. The toolchain offers designers the ability to develop IP without the upfront costs associated with tool licensing fees.
The toolchain features the following capabilities:
  • Schematic capture
  • Synthesis
  • Static Timing Analysis
  • Placement
  • Routing
  • Layout & DRC
  • LVS
  • Verilog simulation
  • Co-simulation
  • Mask generation
We are continuing to expand our foundry partners and supported technology nodes.
Today we support the following foundry and technology nodes:
  • X-FAB 180nm
  • X-FAB 350nm
Once design is complete, efabless provides cost-effective prototyping services through MPW shuttle programs managed with our foundry partners.
Fixed price packages are available based on the maximum die area of the ASIC project and the node. These prices include:
  • All design and development on the platform using the Efabless design flow
  • Access to foundry technology to support development
  • Prototype services for design validation
  • Access to the Efabless community of design professionals and firms through the design request process
  • Fees are paid only at the time of requesting prototypes.


  • The prototyping service includes 50 samples (bare dies)
  • Prototyping services utilize prescheduled foundry MPW shuttles for the respective technology nodes. Module support is limited. Final submission of design files must be made two (2) weeks prior to the tape-in date for the MPW shuttle. Please contact us for more information on the current MPW schedule or module support.
  • Packaging can be arrange through ecosystem partners for an incremental costs.
  • After prototyping, completed designs including schematics and GPS can be downloaded or exported from the platform for an additional fee. The fee is equal to the original cost paid for design and prototyping.
  • Additional costs may occur related to license fees charged by IP or designs used from the marketplace.
  • Payments can be made securely online through credit card or through bank wire transfer.
  • The pricing above includes basic support through email and help tickets requests. Please contact us to inquire about extended support option packages for your project.
  • The pricing above includes a fixed maximum number of compute resources as listed below:
    • Small = 1000 hours
    • Medium = 2000 hours
    • Large = 4000 hours
Please contact us to inquire about extended compute option packages for your project.