Design Request Info

The Design Request service enables you to get proposals for your project from a community of global designers and design firms. From an initial set of proposals, you select one or more proposals and continue working closely with them to provide you formal quotes that you can execute.

How It Works

The Design Request guides you through the process to ensure you get high quality proposals and quotes that match your requirements and will deliver predictable results for your business.
Design requests are submitted by leveraging templates which allow for granular and more accurate capture of specifications based on the type of project.
The dashboard provides a simplified way to manage communication and status of proposals with prospective designers or design firms.
Protection of your information and design data is ensured through the ability to restrict information as part of the process. Only you enable access to this information on a case-by-case basis after you are comfortable that any requirements have been met including completion of an Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or review of profile or references.
Non-disclosure agreements can be completed using efabless agreements and executed electronically, or can be completed using your own agreements and physically signed.
Proposals and formal quotes are standardized to provide complete and consistent information allowing for more reliable evaluation and comparison as well as ensuring the proposals meet all business and technical requirements.
The design request service provides formal quotes, selected from a set of initial proposals provided by the design community.
Submit your requirements and receive initial proposals from design community.
Proposals include rough architecture, design approach, project cost and schedule estimates.
Select 1 or more proposals, and work with the designers to get formal quotes for your project.
Step Cost
Initial proposals based on project requirements. No Cost
Delivery of one formal quote selected from initial proposals. 12 % of Project NRE *
For each additional formal quote from selected proposals. + 1 % of Project NRE *
Engineering support to assist developing requirements and evaluating proposals.

Estimated project scope < $500,000

Estimated project scope > $500,000


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* Project NRE includes costs related to design services for the project. They do not include license access fees for external IP used in the design.